mini journal entry “packaging”

From the pictures of this website, I was most attracted to numbers 12 and 16.

   I liked number 12 because the picture of a person’s shadow gave me a shivering feeling, which strengthened the brand name “frozen vodka”. This kind of packaging, I think, would be attractive to people who drink not in parties, but when they’re alone or at home, watching horror movies. I’m not exactly sure when people drink vodka, but if I were to buy this, I would also consider watching a scary movie with it.

  Number 16 caught my eye because it was cute with the brand name “note” and the matching packaging that made the product look like musical notes. I would definitely want to buy it if it was convenient or had good quality. I think this packaging was effective because many people use earphones for music, and the packaging showed that concept. It would be attractive to music-lovers anywhere, and I suppose they were the company’s target market.

  Looking at these products, I think my task is to choose my target market, and think of a good brand name that would match my origami bookmarks. Then design a packaging that would be attractive to my target audience.


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